9 lessons from start with why?

9 lessons from start with why?

Simon Sinek

Why do you get out of bed in the morning? What motivates you to pursue your career? Is your career pursuing a worthwhile goal? These 9 lessons from start with why? is perfect for you.

The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle—WHY, HOW, WHAT—describes how values are incorporated into choices made for products and behavior of people. Every rationale begins with WHY, whether it’s choosing Ho Hos over Snowballs or launching a civil rights campaign.

Financial gain or profit is not a “Why”

Money is not a “why” and is never the factor that determines a company’s success. Thinking about the “why,” or the reason you get out of bed in the morning, leads to innovation.

Listening Is the First Step in Communication

Pay attention to your audience. A basic element like a logo may say a lot about a firm, thus it is important to consider how it is viewed.

It is really beneficial to pay attention to and study your rivals.

The Influence of Belief

Building trust in people and in organizations happens when the “what,” “how,” and “why” are all in line. When a person is a part of a culture that aligns with their values and beliefs, they perform at their best.

The Secret to Influencing People Is Inspiration

The secret to persuading people, developing an image, and forging a strong bond with your audience is to let people know what actually motivates you and why you want to sell a product.

Inspire, not manipulate

A lot of business advice is around rewarding our clients and staff. “Manipulations” is what Simon calls these. People should be driven to purchase your goods because they honestly believe they need them and agree with the message it conveys.

Make a Plan and Find a Partner

While a visionary or dreamer is crucial for many businesses to get off the ground, Sinek points out that successful businesses will also need sound plans to follow in order to maximize their success. As a result, pairing a dreamer or “why” person with a more grounded or methodical “how” person is frequently a wise decision.